Website: Louisiana Green Corps



The LA Green Corps works with local high schools in Orleans and Jefferson Parish to co-enroll youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities into the LA Green Corps while they continue with regular academic school work. Participants undergo Life Skills training (whereby learning self care and independent living), work adjustment and readiness training, and have the opportunity to receive certifications in technical curriculums (alongside peers without disabilities). Through participating in technical education and service projects, Corps members are able to experience vocational education and gain a broader perspective on the type of work activities they prefer. Through the development of an Individual Development Plan (IDP), each Corps member works on transitional planning from the very beginning of the program term. Corps members benefit from a close network of peers with and without disabilities, staff members who serve as mentors and teachers, and parents who are engaged from the beginning of the term. Throughout the program term, participants are encouraged to direct their own behaviors and becoming involved in their own life decisions and transition process.


Submitted by Arc of Greater New Orleans.