Website: Adult Education & Training Transition Services Program



The Adult Education and Training Transition Services program focuses on teaching and supporting adults in vocational skills, independent living skills, behavior strategies, and self-advocacy. Transition Services seek to teach adults job skills needed in the community, on campus, as well as supporting them on job sites within the community. The Transition Services program will also train and support families, employers, and caregivers (such as group home staff) to help individuals remain independent and productive in the community. The on-campus vocational training area is used to train and prepare students for off-site employers in the areas of retail, mail delivery, data entry, computer lab, filing, and craft construction. Campus employment training includes job coaching, social skills support, and training for students in the Launch program (ages 14-22). Once students have completed the on-campus training, they are assisted at a community job site with decreasing support, establishing independent employment, and working toward employment for compensation.


Submitted by The Arc of Loudoun.