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Project SEE provides students with access to a variety of work settings/samplings which allow the participating students to make informed vocational choices. Participating students gain valuable insight into their occupational interests and strengths as well as develop skills to enhance their opportunities for employment in the community after completing high school. Project SEE staff encourages the development of natural supports and promotes the philosophy of inclusion, within the work environment. Under the expanded Project SEE school-year program, approximately 20 high school students with developmental disabilities are working at volunteer host job sites with a college student intern job coach. The ratio is two participating students per one student intern job coach. These students are selected in conjunction with case managers and occupational preparation teachers in the Wake County Public School System. The students are paid at the prevailing minimum wage through program funds. Participating high school students with developmental disabilities work at job sites during or at the end of the school day; they are transported from their high school to the job site through transportation provided by the Wake County Public School System. Transportation from the job site to the student’s home is arranged by participating students.


Submitted by The Arc of Wake County.