Website: School-to-Community Transition Project



The purpose is to engage students in year-round activities throughout Jackson County within their home communities. It is well documented that students with developmental and intellectual disabilities benefit greatly from year-round instruction. Research has shown that students that are engaged in meaningful activities year-round are more successful, less likely drop out of school, get into less trouble, and enjoy a better quality of life. The goal is to have initial instruction occur at the Transition site with concurrent instruction being given in the students’ homes and communities and broadened to include non-academic school year services. Toward the end of each student’s Transition period, the final outcome will be full community inclusion. Project activities include: locating employment and volunteer opportunities within students’ communities, learning to create a resume, fill out job applications, and go through the interview process. Additional components include personal safety, community adult and independent living skills, health and wellness, as well as skills for improving communication and social interactions.


Submitted by The Arc of Jackson County.