Website: Transition to Community



The Arc of Minnesota is developing a student centered “Transition to Community” program as a key component of The Arc Academy of Advocacy & Support. The program’s intent is to increase student and parent knowledge and effectiveness in the areas of the special education system, transition planning, self-determination, self-advocacy, career awareness, and guardianship. The program includes a comprehensive package of curriculum, tools, and materials that focus on career awareness & exploration; self-determination; transition planning; parental involvement; and interagency collaboration. As part of the project, the program will be piloted and implemented through local Arc chapters in Minnesota, so that students and parents in communities across Minnesota have opportunities to increase their chances for a successful transition to the community. A series of “Train-the-Trainer” sessions that provide local Arc chapter staff opportunities to fully understand the “Transition to Community” curriculum, tools, and materials so that they can effectively and successfully implement the program at the local level.


Submitted by The Arc of Minnesota.