College Planning for Students with Disabilities

This booklet explains the process of preparing for and beginning college. It is written for youth and young adults with disabilities, and refers to many important and specific issues. The beginning sections refer to things to do starting in high school and provides advice on how to use the IEP process to move personal goals forward. Later sections refer to Section 504 of the federal Rehabilitation Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act, both of which take on increased importance as students leave high school and enter college.

College Planning for Students with Disabilities is organized into the following sections:

 -The importance of self-advocacy

-Considerations during the admissions process

-Steps to follow once you select a college

-Your legal rights and responsibilities

This booklet is published by EducationQuest Foundation, a private, nonprofit organization with a mission to improve access to higher education in Nebraska. College Planning for Students with Disabilities is a supplement to EducationQuest Foundation’s College Prep Handbook.

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