Disability and Employment – Connecting the Pieces of the Employment Puzzle

Navigating the services and resources available for assisting people with disabilities to obtain quality employment is like fitting together the pieces of a puzzle. America cannot successfully compete in a global economy without fully engaging the 33 million working-age people with disabilities in our workforce. As we meet our goal of “Good Jobs for Everyone,” the public workforce development system needs to expand its capacity to provide integrated, seamless, and accessible services and programs to people with disabilities and/or other challenges to employment. To achieve this goal and building upon lessons learned from the Employment and Training Administration’s Disability Program Navigator (DPN) initiative, the workforce system is collaborating with a wide range of partners to help people with disabilities obtain meaningful and effective employment opportunities. DOL’s Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) will build on the promising practices of the DPNs, as well as other successful strategies and model programs of service delivery in the workforce system to improve employment outcomes of youth and adults with disabilities.