ServiceSource – Youth Transition Services

ServiceSource assists youth with disabilities transition from school to work through a number of different programs. Programs provide internship experiences, job skills training, career planning and other customized supports to assist transitioning youth with disabilities to reach their goals of integrated employment in competitive industries.

One thought on “ServiceSource – Youth Transition Services

  1. I would like feedback on dietary or nutrition guidelines in care homes that serve persons with intellectual disabilities here in California, ( sacramento). Are there laws, regulations that insure that the diet is nutritionally adequit – that enough fresh fruits and vegetables are served that meet nutrition standards, with enough variety and that unhealthy foods are kept to a minimum ( high omega 6 foods ( greasy, deep fried), koolaid, and food with nitrites, MSM and preservatives left out).
    Are there are dietary guidelines, and how are they enforced? Does the service worker from Regional services oversee that aspect and if not who does, if anyone?
    My concerns are: obesity in care home, menu indicating very little variety and quantity of fresh vegtables, and observation of foods like Top Ramen for lunch, koolaid in lunch, and diet high in simple carbs., and easy access to sodas.
    Is this a common occurance in care homes, or rather the standard diet.
    If a client wishes to belong to a CSA ( community supported agriculture) program to receive fresh fruits and vegetables does the care home have to comply and PAY for it out of living expense money received from the state?

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