Self-Advocacy Online

Self-Advocacy Online in an educational and networking website for those involved in making change for people with disabilities. Through our online Learning Center, you can build your skills in many areas of self-advocacy. And the national self-advocacy map will connect you with other across the country working on similar issues.

Kansas Personal Assistance Supports and Services (K-PASS) Self- Direction Toolkit: A Comprehensive Guide to Assist Individuals in Self-Direction

The Kansas Self-Direction Toolkit provides individuals with disabilities the information and tools needed to self-direct any component of their personal assistance services.

Consumers, case managers, service coordinators, family members and others will like the Toolkit’s step-by-step format with a mix and match option that puts you in control of the information you want and need to self-direct your personal assistant (PA) supports and services.

School Days to Pay Days

This publication was written by staff from the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services and the Institute for Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts Boston. It is informed and enriched by the experiences of individuals with intellectual disabilities, family members, school personnel, employment providers and others, who are all committed to creating a workforce that includes individuals with intellectual disabilities. As part of Work Without Limits, this publication is one of many tools designed to provide individuals and family members with the information and resources they need to achieve their employment goals.

ServiceSource – Youth Transition Services

ServiceSource assists youth with disabilities transition from school to work through a number of different programs. Programs provide internship experiences, job skills training, career planning and other customized supports to assist transitioning youth with disabilities to reach their goals of integrated employment in competitive industries.

Transition Planning

Transition planning is a gigantic topic and a very important one for youth with disabilities, their families, and IEP teams. NICHCY has devoted an entire section of its website to the subject, including articles written expressly for students themselves, school personnel, and parents. Here, in this article, however, we’ll keep it short and focused on what IDEA requires in the IEP for transition-aged students.

Parents’ Guide to the Transition of Their Adult Child to College, Career, and Community

This module will increase your knowledge and give you the tools to prepare you for your child’s transition from public school to postsecondary education and his or her emerging adulthood.

Individual Supports to Increase Access to an Inclusive College Experience for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

The purpose of this online training module is to provide guidance on developing an Individual Support Model (ISM) to increase access to inclusive college experiences and to improve chances for the success of students with intellectual disabilities. An ISM approach provides students with individualized services and supports (e.g., educational coach, tutor, technology, natural supports) in college courses, certificate programs, internships, and/or degree programs.


This tool provides a snapshot of the quality of existing services and provides users with a concise evaluation report. It also provides users with an itemized action plan to that can be used to address areas in need of improvement.